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The Nail Industry Will Never be the same again! I've seen many trends in the nail industry come and go. I have seen the origin of acrylic, sculpture nails, diamond nail, solar nail, gel nails, French manicures. For the first time, in my 16 industry years, I get to witness a phenomenal shift in the industry. Imagine, nail color that won't chip, peel or smudge in one week. Now, imagine nail color that won't chip, peel or smudge in two weeks. The polish industry has been the giant. Polish sales have lead the industry as the largest money maker. It has been around for years and years. But it's only fault has always been its inability to last as long as we would like it to last. Gel nail polish is very much real. It lasts longer, looks more natural and is not toxic.Not only does it serve as nail color. But it is also a protective coating on the nails that prevent them from splitting, peeling or cracking. And, if you have ridges or indentations, it will smooth those out giving you that glossy finish.

We have a dream, that one day, we will open our own place where people can come and experience the true meaning of nail spa. We started this journey having one goal in common and that is to change the perspective of life.  We thought, why not have a private and exclusive nail studio where our guests can really complete pampered with no rush and run-on appointments.

We have been around the business for a 19 years and heard all the negative feedbacks from clients so we want to change that experience to better service our client needs. We want our client to feel fabulous and pampered after leaving our studio. We started this journey promising to provide the best of quality and exceptional service.

We want to provide not only great service but also the most safest nail services available. Your health is our top concern. Every tools and instruments touches your skin are cleaned then sterilized each and every time with an FDA approved autoclave. Typically used in hospitals to sterilize medical instruments, this device operates by heating each tool to 250F and higher. Autoclave sterilization is the only way to eradicate almost all pathogens and bacterial strains. We take cleanliness seriously. Our pedicure bowls do not use pipes or jets for circulation. We use plastic liner for every pedicure services and used liner is thrown away after each service. We believe in eliminating the possibility of cross contamination from prior pedicure services by employing single use disposable biodegradeble liner.  We clean each chair with a hospital grade solution spray and go an extra mile to soap away all bacteria. Any tools that cannot be placed in the autoclave are single-use only. This mean all nail files, buffers and pumice stones used in nail services are only used on one client. You have the option of taking them home for personal use, or all are discarded after each use. 

At Nail Studio By Tom, the personal needs of every client are met with sensitivity and an emphasis on individuality.  Each client is provided with a questionnaire and style consultation to evaluate personal preferences and lifestyle. As Nail Artists ourselves, we believe that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Nail Studio By Tom is committed to meeting those needs. 

Tom Nguyen

A Best of Big D Best Manicure & Pedicure Winner

Our Story
Your Personal and Private Nails Services
We opened Nail Studio By Tom in August 2015 at 8308 Preston Rd Suite 200 Room 207 & 209 Plano TX  75024(Highway 121 & Preston Rd), and wanted to take our nail business to another level.

How do you stay ahead of the curve when there are nail salons in every corner?
Continuous training coupled with state of the art equipment with the best products available, and travel to conventions to refine techniques and develop new abilities to better address our client needs and serve as a consultant and advocate - and not just a service provider. 

What set Nail Studio By Tom apart is that we are talented, professional , and truly have passion about our business. 

What do you want to say to your future clients?
We LOVE what we do! Our primarily focus is to create a personal and private nail experience, relaxing and healthy environment for all our clients, so that they can love their nails and pedicure like never before.

"A personal nail artist & massage therapist is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous." 
Tom Nguyen, Founder & Master Nail Artist & Massage Therapist