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Getting to know Tom Nguyen - 2018 ANFTS - A Best Nal Artist 

Plano, TX -based nail artist and creative, Tom Nguyen, on finding nail art, what inspires him, and what to expect from Tom Nguyen in 2020.
Shi Beauty
March 18,2020 

It has been such a pleasure getting to know Tom Nguyen . We’re so inspired and motivated by everything he’s done and is doing for the beauty and nail industry. We wanted to give you a chance to hear his story and learn a bit more about Tom Nguyen, just as we have over the past couple months.

ShiBeauty: Can you start by telling us a bit about how you got into nail art? We’re so curious about your journey to where you are now!
Tom Nguyen: I have always been a crafty person with a love for tiny details. After school in Viet Nam I moved to California where I was first introduced to nail industry. At the time, there weren’t many nail salons or nail artists and it was much more of a niche.

SB: How would you describe your creative style and where do you find inspiration for your nail art?
TN: My nail style tends to be more on the elegant side. I love color, all colors (not just bright colors but the way that colors vibrate off of each other and appear different depending on what they sit next to.) I often start by selecting a color combo and then I think of what the design should be. Nature seems to be the most endless source of inspiration. Stone textures, animal prints, marble, ombre, Swarovski Crytal, 3D nail art— & the most divine color combos and otherworldly patterns are under the sea. I sometimes look at natural patterns and simplify them, making them legible on a nail. A lot of times I do think of fashion for inspiration.

SB: In your opinion, how does nail art differ from other mediums or forms of creative expression?
TN: What I initially loved about doing nails was that I felt conceptually free. I could paint something pretty just because ;) — I am painting directly onto another person, so often I am trying to pick up on their style and give them something that will make them feel special. 

SB: Can you speak about your nail style?
TN: I tried to choose designs that felt Elegant & classic, that someone would want to wear for three weeks, that would match the various outfit changes and moods of the winter. The colors are mostly subdued but there are hints of details and pops of colors.

SB: Who are these nails perfect for?
TN: Hopefully there is something for everyone . 
 * Instant Glam- Press On Nails is good for anyone who’s had similar issues with nails — you want the cool design but you don’t want to spend a fortune at the nail salon, you don’t have the time to sit through the process and you don’t want to damage your nails.

SB: Do you have a favorite nails style?
TN: I’ve been doing bridal look non-stop. Since it’s just a nude and white it goes with everything. I love the option to put 3D and Swarovski Crytal on some nails — this makes it feel even more custom! & It really looks fabulous.

SB: If you could change one thing about the nail art industry, what would it be?
TN: I wish nail artists could all get along and not be as competitive. There’s room for everyone to succeed in the nail art industry. It’s inspiring to have great relationships with other nails techs, like sharing tips and knowledge that we can all benefit from. In such a unique industry, it’s nice to have nail artist friends that go through the same struggles and encourage one another! I am very fortunate to have relationships like these with some amazing nail artists. We all build each other up to follow our passion!

​SB. How do you stay ahead of the curve when there are nail salons in every corner?
TN. Continuous training coupled with state of the art equipment with the best products available, and travel to conventions to refine techniques and develop new abilities to better address our client needs and serve as a consultant and advocate - and not just a service provider. 


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