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1-On-1 Mentoring
Your Personal and Private Nails Services
You already have a passion for nails. You demonstrate a patience for the task. You express your creativity with nail styles and designs. You possess the knowledge of the latest nail trends. And you provide the ultimate customer service, truly pampering your clients. 

Now, it's your time to shine. If you're a newly licensed nail technician, I wants to partner with you to ensure you practice your profession with competence, confidence, and enthusiasm. And if you've been in our business for years, even decades, I want to provide you with a new lease on your profession. 

If you consider yourself an artist and each nail a tiny canvass awaiting your artistry and if you find designing nails to be meditative, even therapeutic, I wants to help you find success in your artistry and meditation. Please join my learning community in the classroom, on this site, and on our social media platforms. 

Q. So what is actually is mentoring??

A. Mentoring is a service where you come in and I spend time going over whatever it is you feel you need help with..., so it's a bit like training but it's one on one (can be more nail art) and focused on what YOU want. It is not accredited so you would need to be already qualified in whatever treatment it is. (Except nail art) It's just a lot of extra help really, trouble shooting, perfecting techniques 
and going over theory or just simply learning some new art. 

Q. How much time will I need?

This varies depending on your ability and experience but as a rough guide 

Nail art = 1.5-4 hours plus depending on how many designs you would like to cover on your session

Nail overlays or extension = 6+ hours

There is no set plan for these sessions, it's totally focused on your needs and what you like to cover 

1-on-1 Mentoring of your choice:

* Nail enhancements
-How to properly prep the natural nail for a sculpted/tips full set
-How to properly prep for a fill set
-Application of acrylics, shaping and how to get that perfect c-curve
-Proper application for gel polish on top of acrylics

1.  Nail Art
3 Choices of nail art techniques:
-Proper Swarovski crystal placement for long lasting wear
-Line work using art gel
-3D Art
-Acrylic encapsulation
-Hand painted nail art of your choice you can pick from a variety of my work


Marketing/Branding your business through social media, websites, the power of online booking, deposits, how to be a responsible for your own business, and how to build great relationships with clients to create long lasting nail relationships. All of these are my techniques that have learned over the years that have helped me gain great clientele.

If you have any other questions about training, marketing, more about me feel free to do so.
Nail goodies will be determined on what type of course you would like to take!

Course pricelist:
All training courses require a non-refundable $350 deposit when booking and full amount must be before the nail training starts.

Course 1 $350 3 hours
Learn hand art techniques
Gel Art
Student's Nail Goodies to take with you

Course 2 $500 4.5 hours
Hands on acrylic application training (Sculptingor Tips)
Hands on nail art techniques
Closing questions
Student's Nail goodies to take with you

Hands on acrylic (Sculpting or Tips)
Hands on nail art techniques
Closing questions
Student's goodies to take with you

Things you would need:
Acrylic/Gel brush
Nail art brushes
e-file will be provided but it is recommended for you to bring your own.

Student's goodie bag will include:
-A list of products that I use and where you can purchase
-Sculpting Forms and tips
-Nail file/buffer
-Acrylic brush with choice 2 Gel brush

Further questions before you book your 1-on1 Mentoring course can be emailed to nailbytom@yahoo.com or Text (469)0450-0211

To book your class please send me an email with Choice 1 or Choice 2.

​Location :
8308 Preston Rd Suite 200 Room 
Plano TX 75024


*A remaining balance of $350 (full day), $200(1/2 day),$150 (2 hours), $100 (1 hour) is require at the workshop
* All sales are final. There's absolutly no refund...By sending a deposit, you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the regulations and terms